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Looking for a room in a shared house?

|    1 bed    |  £ Various

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Often because of life circumstances you can find yourself looking for accommodation on your own, which can be daunting. Don’t worry Tern Quay has it covered!

Maybe you’re returning to University after a break or for a post grad qualification? Maybe your friends and current housemates are heading into industry for a year? Maybe you are visiting the Plymouth as a part of your medical campus rotation or foreign exchange? Maybe you want to get your head down and work hard in your final year without distraction? There are lots of reasons why you might find yourself in this position but don’t worry… pick up the phone and I’ll do my best to help.

I often keep back a couple of properties for this exact reason. I’m always put a lot of time into trying to create a nice atmosphere amongst housemates and whilst I can’t guarantee you’ll be life long friends with everyone one in your house you will have lots in common and most importantly be in a similar phase of life. The priorities of someone coming to University for the first time are different to those of someone returning for a post grad degree after several years in industry and I understand this. You aren’t alone and every year I help individuals find a happy home for their year in Plymouth.

Type of Tenancy

  • 10 Month minimum contract

Accommodation / Room

Decor / Furniture


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